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NSW DPI's Development Officer, Sheep Geoff Casburn joins us to discuss how to prepare for and manage in dry conditions. Excellent content about feed cost calculator, as well as reminders to look after yourself and be on the look out for your neighbours.  Read More
Renowned livestock nutrition consultant San Jolly joined us to discuss how to get the best performance from your feeding decisions in pastoral areas. San is a well respected livestock nutrition consultant who specialises in pastoral production.&nbsp;<br>San discusses how to ensure your feeding decisions are making productive results in a cost effective manner. Includes discussion on unusual feeds often used during dry times.&nbsp;&nbsp; Read More
In this webinar, we hear from John Piltz, NSW DPI Research Officer, who gives us a full run down on what to look for when you get your feed test results back from the lab. How to go about ensuring that you are feeding a source of feed that will meet the demands of the class of livestock you are feeding, with the desired outcome. Choosing a feed source is important in ensuring that you get the desired result from your livestock and avoid costly mistakes.&nbsp;&nbsp; Read More
Our most viewed recording - hear from Brett Littler, Central Tablelands LLS and Megan Rogers, Sheep Connect NSW who discuss the challenges and best practice for a successful early weaning for both lambs and calves. The principles are much the same, and success relies on getting all of the details right.&nbsp;<br><br><br> Read More
Rams are a valuable investment in the future of your flock - they are carrying genetics to improve your sheep's perfornance in accordance with your breeding objective. Management of your ram team plays an important role in achieving the maximum number of progeny from your rams. In this webinar, Dr Matt Playford, of Dawbuts explains all the 'must do's' for a successful tour of duty for your rams this joining season. Be sure to check out Matts advice well in advance of putting your rams out for joining, to avoid any mishaps.&nbsp;<br><br> Read More