The Yarn Podcast celebrates 100 episodes!

If you haven't heard of AWI's podcast The Yarn, then you may have some catching up to do! The Yarn is AWI's podcast which covers all manner of topics related to the wool industry. Available to download and subscribe to, The Yarn is free of charge, and topics range from wool market information, to fashion, and on farm topics also.

Designed to be listened to on a smartphone for people on the go, The Yarn is put together essentially to report to those who AWI principally works for: Australian woolgrowers.

With staff and networks around Australia and offices in various locations around the world, AWI reports from across its broad scope: from the paddocks and shearing sheds on Australian farms to wool processing facilities, design studios and catwalks in the main consumer markets around the world.
If you haven't listened to the podcast, then have a listen to an episode!!!

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