Sheep Connect NSW - Workshop season gearing up!

Sheep Connect NSW is currently listing several of our flagship events, with more set to be listed in coming days.
The highly regarded RAMping Up Repro and Winning With Weaners workshops are being staged throughout the state, and producers are encouraged to attend.
These workshops are hands on, very practical, and delivered by highly skilled accredited deliverers. The information that producers will take from these workshops is aimed directly at helping producers stay up to date with best practice in their flock management.
Many producers are gearing up for weaning, or lambing, and now is the time to hear from experienced industry consultants just how to set a plan of management for their weaners, to ensure that they are managed well, with targets firmly in place to see them through to their first joining, or other critical dates. With drought conditions prevailing in many areas, our deliverers will discuss facets of managing weaners in drought conditions, with emphasis on early weaning and containment feeding.
Ram buying season is also around the corner, and the RAMping Up Repro workshops will be rolled out across the state, and cover all the essential information about how to prepare your ram team for their task of passing on their genes to your breeding flock. Participants will get up close and 'hands on' and undertake a ram health inspection as part of the workshop.
Sheep Connect NSW is interested to hear from any producers or groups in areas where these workshops have not yet been held, as we are able to deliver these where demand exists. Whilst we are unable to guarantee a workshop in every location, Sheep Connect NSW is committed to covering areas where demand exists, and the network is able to stage such a workshop.
Cost to attend these workshops is $75 per person.
Contact Sheep Connect NSW on to register your interest in having an event run near you.