National Wool and Sheepmeat Survey now open

The continuing productivity improvements in the Australian wool and sheepmeat industries highlight the importance of monitoring production and producer intentions, assisting producers to make more efficient decisions based on data and evidence. The results from this survey continue to accurately represent production trends since 2010 and provide a strong foundation for MLA’s and AWI’s industry forecasting and market information analysis.

With this in mind, MLA and AWI kindly ask for your time and considered responses to the survey – the more producers responding provides us with more reliable data.

Your responses will be aggregated with the replies from other participants to create regional, state and national wool and sheepmeat industry data. Individual responses remain strictly CONFIDENTIAL.

We ask that responses be returned by 28 February 2019.

Responses received by this date will be entered into the draw* for the chance to win a Caltex StarCash card worth $1,000.

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