Media Release: 'Crops, Rumps and Woolly Jumpers' short film series

The ‘Crops, Rumps and Woolly Jumpers’ short film series is a collaboration between Sheep Connect NSW, the Graham Centre and the NSW Department of Primary Industries (DPI) investigating the benefits and challenges of adding livestock to mixed farming enterprises.

The series includes interviews with farmers and one industry consultant who were filmed on-farm in 2012 and again in 2016 discussing;

- sheep to cropping ratios
- risk management strategies
- infrastructure and labour considerations
- benefits of dual purpose crops to business

Barmedman farmer Rupert McLaren says in the years from 2012-2016 he almost doubled the number of sheep in his family farming operation.

“We’ve gone from being almost continuous cropping 90 percent of the enterprise to 70 percent cropping, 30 percent livestock. We had to change our enterprise because we hit a wall and we could no longer control the weeds in our cropping,” says Rupert. “I’ve grown to love my merino wethers they are simple to run, they are as tough as old boots and it suits our overall operation.”

Footage for the current series was recorded in 2016 after a run of favourable seasons. Since this time, farmers across NSW have experienced a period of significant drought.

The video series will be officially launched during lunch at the Graham Centre Livestock Forum in Wagga Wagga on Friday 26th July and will be available on the Sheep Connect NSW YouTube channel shortly beforehand.

This is the second ‘Crops, Rumps and Woolly Jumpers’ series to air on YouTube. The first series was released in 2012 and can be found on the Sheep Connect and Graham Centre YouTube channel.

Sheep Connect NSW is the Australian Wool Innovation funded grower network in New South Wales. Sheep Connect is responsible for the delivery of extension services and information for the sheep and wool industries and aims to ‘provide growers with a dedicated network in which they can source relevant, reliable and timely information and expertise to enable better business decisions.’

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