Events on Sheep Connect NSW website

Sheep Connect NSW lists events on our website that are relevant to our members. These events can be staged by third parties as well as SCNSW and our event partners. This is a service that we do free of charge, to help keep our members up to date on what's happening in their neck of the woods.
To list an event on our website, all you need to do is:
1. Be a member of SCNSW (free to join - just click on the link to join)
2. List your event, and include all the details of the event on the website that people need to know about.
3. Wait for our admin team to approve the event - this is usually pretty promptly - and the website lets us know that you've listed your event with us - so we will look for it.

Please note however that event approval is at the discretion of our SCNSW web admin team. The event must be relevant to our members and the intent of the network. SCNSW reserves the right to refuse to list any events that are deemed not in the interests of its membership, or irrelevant to sheep and wool industry in NSW.

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