Beyond the Bale - Issue 80 - OUT NOW! RAMping Up Repro workshop write up

Issue 80 of Beyond the Bale is now available online, and on its way to your mailboxes.
For those who love to get the good oil early, check out the online version of the popular publication produced by AWI.
There's something for everyone in this edition, including a wrap up of the National Merino Challenge, benefits of scanning in dry times, in western NSW; plus a summary of some of our recently released updates on some videos that we took of some producers in southern NSW with different business objectives and their sheep operations.

There is an article about a recently held RAMping Up Repro workshop. Sheep Connect NSW is currently delivering several of these workshops throughout NSW. RAMping Up Repro workshops are hands on workshops that are delivered on farm, allowing workshop participants to get up close and 'hands on' to learn how to undertake a physical pre-joining ram soundness examination. Participants are shown how to undertake physical examinations of rams by accredited trainers, and are then guided through conducting such examinations themselves, under close supervision of the trainer, building confidence in undertaking such tasks. This practical workshop, along with discussion on the essential points of best practice ram management allow participants to gain confidence in managing their rams for optimum performance.
Rams are a significant investment, in terms of both their monetary value, but also their long term genetic contribution to the flock and its progress. Using sound rams and ensuring that they are in tip top condition is an essential facet of getting the best value for money from these important genetic powerhouses.

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