LLS WEBINAR - How Can Genetics Influence The Future Productivity Of The Sheep Industry?

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Genetic selection can play a powerful role within the sheep industry but how can it work best for you?! Dr Mark Ferguson who is the Chief Executive Officer of NextGen Agri in New Zealand and on this webinar will present on the power of the genes and how producers can capitalise on incorporating genetic selection in their enterprise.

Mark brings a wealth of knowledge in that he has worked extensively in the field of sheep production and genetics, being a key scientist in the Life Time Wool project, as well as, developing science behind Life Time Ewe Management.

Mark is going to cover topics such as;
-The power of genes
-Clarifying exactly what you want to get out of your sheep breeding
-Focusing on the things that matter most
-Removing the white noise from your breeding decisions
-Combining what you see with what the numbers are telling you
-Breeding for balance - incorporating the 4 pillars of animal improvement into your selection decisions.

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