WEBINAR - LLS Western NSW Pest Chat. Episode 3. General Biosecurity Duty and Feralscan

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What is General Biosecurity Duty and how can we use FeralScan to help discharge our duty?

Join Charles Benson from Western Local Land Services who will present on the White Spaces project — a project that outlines the responsibilities of landholders in managing pest animals and what is being done to address landholders that are not participating in pest animal management.

Following Charles' presentation, Emma Sawyers from NSW Department of Primary Industries will talk about how to use FeralScan and the benefits it provides for landholders and their stakeholders in the fight against pest animals.

The presenters will also be answering any questions you send in during or prior to the webinar.

The Western NSW Pest Chat Webinar Series is being delivered by Western Local Land Services and will feature episodes on a number of pest animals, with recordings to be made available as a resource for landholders. The webinar series comes following a successful funding application through the Australian Government’s ‘Communities Combatting Pest and Weed Impacts During Drought’ Program.

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