LLS Pasture and Grazing Management Workshop - SCONE

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Get the most out of your pastures! Come along to one of our FREE two-day workshops to hear from Judi Earl of Agricultural Information and Monitoring Services about how to manage your native pastures and grazing to improve profitability and environmental condition of the landscape.

You will learn about:
* Plant growth and pasture dynamics
* Efficient use of water
* Soil and soil nutrients
* Feed budgeting
* Land planning (Scone) or pasture management in Box Gum Grassy Woodlands (Merriwa)

The workshops will include a series of information sessions as well as a practical, outdoor component at a local property to look at pasture growth and condition. Due to COVID-19, restrictions places are limited so be sure to get in quick!

Location Address

Scone NSW 2337, Australia

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