WEBINAR - MLA updates: Driving productivity and profitability through producer adoption

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MLA updates
Join us for MLA updates: Redefining resilience – a five-part webinar series in the lead up to the AGM, providing updates, insights and inspiration for a resilient future for your business.

This free webinar series, held from 4 November – 18 November 2020, is your chance to hear from MLA’s Managing Director Jason Strong and investment managers as well as ask questions around MLA’s investment in crucial research and marketing activities.

Webinar 1: Driving productivity and profitability through producer adoption
Practical, outcomes-focused advice for producers wanting to be leaders in change and innovation.

In this webinar:
Driving productivity and profitability through producer adoption
Speaker: Jason Strong, MLA Managing Director

how MLA’s Producer Adoption program fosters the prosperity and resilience of the Australian red meat and livestock industry by building the capability of producers and advisers to increase on-farm productivity and profitability.
MLA’s adoption strategy
Speaker: Mick Crowley, MLA General Manager Research, Development and Adoption

how MLA’s adoption strategy increases prosperity through producer adoption of key research and technology across all livestock production regions.
How adoption strategies foster producer innovation
Speaker: Sarah Strachan, MLA Group Manager Adoption and Commercialisation

outcomes from the ‘Managing Crop Grazing Producer Demonstration project’, which demonstrates advantages of crop grazing on profitability and how producers can apply the tool in different seasons and situations
how MLA embeds adoption into all applicable R&D projects through the ‘involve and partner’ adoption strategy.
How genetics investments have built resilience
Speaker: Hamish Chandler, MLA Program Manager Genetics

how the Beef Information Nucleus (BIN) project is delivering more accurate and extensive estimated breeding value information to validate gene markers so producers can improve animal selection
how investments in BIN have resulted in industry change.
Accelerating adoption
Speaker: Professor Phil Vercoe, University of Western Australia

what is involved with strategic partnerships such as BeefLinks, Sheep Reproduction Strategic Partnership, Livestock Productivity Partnership, Sheep Productivity Partnership and Northern Breeding Business
how these strategic partnerships and customised approaches accelerate adoption.

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