WEBINAR - EID Enabled Ewes

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Do you know if preferential feeding of ewes delivers reproductive and economic benefits for your business?

Have you considered calculating the Standard Reference Weight (SRW) of your ewes?

Is there benefit to being able to record individual performance of ewes?

Agriculture Victoria is partnering with the Mackinnon Project and Sheep Data Management to discuss the benefits and opportunities of monitoring your ewes body condition score and weight. We will explore how you can use the data to make management decisions such as preferential feeding and classing. You will hear from the researchers and consultants plus the livestock managers of the host farms.

Bea Kirk - Mackinnon Project will provide an overview of the “Using EID to aid monitoring of ewes in western Victoria” Producer Demonstration Site funded by Meat and Livestock Australia. The managers of the three host sites will also share insights on the data collection systems they use, what worked, what didn’t, and what their future plans may be after the trial.

Elise Bowen – Sheep Data Management will demonstrate the calculation and use of SRW for ewes of different shapes, sizes, ages and genotypes. She will be joined by Andrew Hunter, owner/manager of “Hills Park” Yerong Creek to discuss why he was first interested in SRWs, how he and Elise have approached its assessment and what they have learnt over a number of years collecting data, performing calculations and making decisions

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