BACK TO BUSINESS WEBINAR - Grow more feed - pasture recovery, redevelopment, forage crops and purchasing fodder

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The BACK TO BUSINESS webinars are for all livestock producers impacted by drought, fire, flood, storms and global challenges. BACK TO BUSINESS is a collaboration between Meat & Livestock Australia, Australian Wool Innovation, Sheep Connect NSW and Integrity Systems Company.

BACK TO BUSINESS will feature a different topic at 1:00 pm Tuesday each week that is relevant to getting you back to business following the recent and ongoing challenges:
• 12 May - Opportunities to drive livestock operations – enterprise options and genetics
• 19 May - Making use of short-term business resilience opportunities – cashflow, feed/sell/agist, market scenarios and season forecast
• 26 May - Building long-term business resilience – budgets, business structure, farm management and succession planning
• 2 June - Rebuilding your herd or flock – using management and genetics to achieve the best reproduction results
• 9 June - Maintaining the integrity of Australia's red meat and wool industries

This webinar we will discuss the topic of Grow more feed - where we will dive into the topics of recovery of pasture, redevelopment, growing forage crops as an option, and purchasing fodder to assist business rebuild following disaster.

Join us for the SEVENTH webinar in the BACK TO BUSINESS Webinar series. In this webinar, we will discuss the important elements of growing more feed to help rebuild following disaster. We will discuss pasture recovery, pasture redevelopment, the role of forage crops, and if purchasing fodder is a suitable option. An interactive Q&A session will follow the main presentation.

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