Managing ewes and livestock water quality -HILLSTON

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Landholders are encouraged to attend an upcoming information session where Western Local Land Services District Veterinarian, Trent McCarthy, and Elders Livestock Production Manager, Rob Inglis, will provide an overview of ewe health considerations for pregnancy and lactation.

Topics covered at the sessions include:
-Benefits of scanning
-How to best utilise your scanning data
-Nutrition of the pregnant ewe.

Landholders are encouraged to share knowledge and bring along any questions regarding ewe health, or any other animal health topic, which Trent will happily answer. A representative from MLA will be in attendance and will provide an update on current projects and priorities.

In addition to ewe health, an update will also be given on water quality which will include:
-How to complete a water test
-Interpret the results
-Manage your water quality

Location Address

Furlong, Hillston NSW 2675, Australia

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