RAMping Up Repro - PLUS MORE - OXLEY

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RAMping Up Repro (RUR) is a hands-on workshop focussed on improving ram performance and working longevity in commercial sheep enterprises.
The workshop is designed increase the skill of producers across the key components of ram performance and impacts on overall breeding enterprise performance, including: Anatomy, Physiology, Spermatogenesis, Metabolic demands, Health, disease & biosecurity, Financial impact of the ram team.
Each participant is guided through a thorough pre-joining ram inspection by an accredited workshop deliverer and given the opportunity to increase their practical skills to undertake this in their own operation. This workshop is designed to give attendees the confidence to incorporate these skills into their own routine management, thus improving the performance of their rams.
This workshop will also include discussion about seasonal conditions, with an emphasis on Spring joining, included but not limited to - feed availability, seasonality and joining, heat stress and conception rates, and more.

A hands on workshop which will provide attendees with hands on experience and up to date management practice for best practice ram management, as well as added content relating to Spring joining in current conditions. DON'T MISS IT!! PLEASE REGISTER BY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2019

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Bunumburt Station, Oxley NSW 2711, Australia

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