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Like many red meat business owners, you’re probably dealing with multiple computer programs and apps to keep track of what’s happening in your enterprises. If these programs aren’t talking to each other to help you make better decisions, it can be time-consuming and expensive.

The Simpson family of Binginbar Farms, Gollan, NSW, has tackled this challenge head-on. Join producer Nathan Simpson, as well as a representative from Hitachi, for this short webinar to learn what kinds of changes could help to improve your business’s efficiency.


Binginbar Farms partnered with Hitachi in an MLA Donor Company Producer Innovation Fast-Track project to provide Pentaho DataTrust and Process Intelligence solutions.

The purpose of the project was to increase efficiencies by identifying and tracking the performance of each lamb on-farm, including Binginbar Farms’ feedlot. Other aspects of farm management included monitoring of soil moisture, trough and tank levels and potential performance from their cropping enterprises as well as many other ‘data points’ which were able to be aggregated up into a central, easy-to-manage dashboard.

Manual data entry has been removed completely and Binginbar Farms are setting up systems to prove their paddock-to-plate story to consumers, thus attracting a premium.

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Nathan Simpson will start off by talking through his experiences with the project and where he thinks this system can take his business and the broader industry.

Hitachi will be on-hand to talk through some of the more technical aspects of the program and what it’s capable of.

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