1080 and Pindone training - BOOROWA

Event details

Land managers wanting to use 1080 or Pindone baits to control pest animals, such as foxes and rabbits, that do not have a current AQF3 certificate should attend this course, or an AQF3 course to allow them to legally use these baits on their properties.

The 1080/Pindone course gives participants information on:
-The chemicals being used
-How to use them
-Safety precautions
-Legal requirements.

The 1080/Pindone course takes approximately two hours to complete. Those successfully completing the courses will be issued a VPT certification card and will remain accredited to use 1080 and Pindone for five years.

Cost: Free for all Feral Fighters participants (Registration forms can be completed on the day).

Location Address

Rosedale, 1134 Bennett Springs Rd, Mount Collins NSW 2794, Australia