Featured Events

  • RAMping Up Repro - DUBBO

    RAMping Up Repro (RUR) is a hands-on workshop focussed on improving ram performance and working longevity in commercial sheep enterprises.
    The workshop is designed increase the skill of producers across the key components of ram performance and imp...

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  • WEBINAR- Tips and tricks for this years lamb marking!

    Join us for a webinar with Dr Tim Gole as we explore the current recommendations for lamb marking this season, incorporating the latest information for best practice animal husbandry practices.

  • LIVE Sheep Q and A - lamb marking, animal husbandry best practice

    Join us live online with Sheep vet extroadinaire Dr Tim Gole as we discuss all things best practice lamb marking, animal husbandry, analgesia and anasthaesia (pain relief), and answer YOUR questions live!
    Please note that this event will have a ma...

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  • WEBINAR- Stand by what you sell!

    Is your integrity record keeping in order? Join us to find out, with discussions covering: change to the NVD's; how to use the faster easier new eNVD's platform; LPA accreditation and audits and NLIS transfers and reconciliations.