Tools And Resources

Brett Littler, Central Tablelands LLS, and Megan Rogers, Sheep Connect NSW discuss the must do's and key points for consideration when making a decision regarding possible early weaning of lambs or calves. There is much cross over in the key points relating to lambs or calves, and the speakers each cover the specifics of both lambs and calves.  Read More
This webinar presented by San Jolly, Productive Nutrition, Kapunda, SA covers important information about the importance of feed testing, how to interpret feed test results to ensure that you are providing your livestock with the most cost effective feed source that will meet your livestock needs. With transport costs significant in pastoral areas, knowing and understanding this, along with the quality of whats in the paddock can make all the difference when providing supplementary feeds to livestock. Read More
Ram selling season arrives and with it comes a myriad of information to brush up on, so that the best buying decisions are made on the day. Sheep Connect NSW have compiled all the information and resources on the topic to make them easy to access. Click on the link to read our special edition newsletter. Read More
Geoff Duddy's presentation on confinement feeding of sheep. Read More
On 9th December 2016 Sheep Connect NSW hosted a webinar on footrot, with the purpose of updating participants on the state of play in all matters associated with the disease. Read More