WEBINAR SERIES - Dry times - recordings, resources and useful links

  • Sep 5, 2017
  • sheepsmart

All of our Webinar recordings will be posted, along with links to relevant and important information that relates to the webinar topics. WEBINAR 1 - WHAT'S YOUR PLAN? Making informed decisions, and using Drought Feed Calculator - Geoff Casburn NSW DPI WEBINAR 2 - BEFORE YOU OPEN THE GATE! - What to be on the look out for when grazing drought affected crops - animal health considerations, and getting the most out of your paddock. Dr Jillian Kelly, CWLLS. WEBINAR 3 - SALVAGING CROPS AFFECTED BY DRY AND FROST FOR HAY OR SILAGE - Hear from NSW DPI's John Piltz all about how to assess your crop to determine if a paddock is suitable to cut for fodder, as well as information about the different crop types suitable to make into hay or silage. WEBINAR 4 - SUCCESSFUL EARLY WEANING - Hear from CTLLS Brett Littler who discusses management options for the process of early weaning. WEBINAR 5 - FEEDING IN PASTORAL AREAS - Hear from San Jolly who discusses different types of feeding regimes for pastoral environment.


Resource Description
LINK to webinar recording What's your plan? - Making good decisions during dry times. (Geoff Casburn NSW DPI Speaker)
AWI Drought Resources AWI Drought Resources page contains useful publications - particularly of interest is the Managing sheep in drought lots; stock water - a limited resource; managing fodder prices in drought; which sheep do I keep? and many other useful resources.
NSW DPI Publication - Managing Drought NSW DPI has a comprehensive publication that will assist livestock producers in managing dry conditions.
NSW DPI Drought Hub NSW DPI Drought Hub has an extensive range of information related to drought
NSW DPI Crop Salvage Calculator 'Salvaging crops for fodder, grain or grazing - costs and income calculator' was developed by NSW DPI district agronomists to help producers make decisions on salvaging crops during drought. The spreadsheet calculates the cost of baling crops for hay or silage and of taking crops through to harvest. Users input data for their own situation to assess the cost of each option. By knowing costs and having an idea of the product’s potential value, the best economic outcomes can be worked through more clearly. It is important that producers check chemical withholding periods before either cutting crops for hay, or grazing the crops.
LINK to webinar recording Before you open the gate - managing and avoiding animal health issues when grazing failed crops. Dr Jillian Kelly, Regional Veterinarian, Central West Local Land Services discusses issues that may present when grazing stressed crops.
LINK to webinar recording Salvaging failed crops for fodder - all you need to know! John Piltz gives an excellent presentation on all that you need to know to make the most of a less than ideal situation with crops affected by dry or frosting.
NSW DPI - Successful Silage web link This link takes you to the Successful Silage page of the NSW DPI website. Here you will find out detailed information about the finer points of making silage.
LINK to webinar recording Successful early weaning webinar recording - discusses must do management required for a successful early weaning exercise. CTLLS Livestock Officer Brett Littler discusses how to make the most out of the dry times, and most efficiently use feed for different classes of livestock - adult and weaned lambs.
WEBINAR RECORDING LINK Pastoral livestock nutrition in dry times and beyond. (San Jolly, Productive Nutrition presenter)