Accelerating Rangeland Innovation - a chance to share Australian know-how

  • Sep 3, 2013
  • duffs

Have you made an innovative change on your pastoral property that has made your job easier ? If so, Australian Wool Innovation's network for pastoral wool producers - Bestprac - wants to know about it and the difference it has made to your business. Following the success of the 2009 Australian Pastoral Property Innovation Manual, AWI and Bestprac are promoting innovation uptake across the pastoral regions of Australia. The National Bestprac Coordinator, Rural Directions Pty Ltd, is currently seeking expressions of interest from you to share pastoral wool and sheep production improvements you have made. The aim of the project is to document and communicate relevant industry innovations to pastoral wool and sheep producers. Topics may include animal health and production, technology, business and human resources management, or climate adaptation. The innovations put forward are practical and adaptable. "Innovations include solutions to issues that have made life easier, or advancements such as shed design, that pastoralist's have made on their properties; these are the type of stories we'd like to share," said Pene Keynes, National Bestprac Coordinator. "Whether it is the invention of a farm gate or a mobile app that has increased the use of technology, we are interested in hearing about it," added Ms Keynes. Bestprac is seeking innovations from all pastoral areas across Queensland, New South Wales, South Australia and Western Australia. The AWI network wants to learn about your innovation, the key drivers for improvement, and the difference it has made to your business. The profiles, videos and business cases will be released as they are collected over the coming 10 months, with the project completion in June 2014. AWI is accelerating the uptake of innovation in the Rangelands by sharing ground breaking advancements within the industry. The profiles, videos and business cases will show you how you can implement these innovations on your own property, while up-skilling the whole industry. Have you got an innovation to share ? Contact Taryn Mangelsdorf, project deliverer from Rural Directions Pty Ltd, on 08 8841 4500 or